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Professional Kitchen Design


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I don't know about the US but the bulk of kitchen suppliers in the UK seem to have there own CAD system of some description already, either custom made for them or perhaps a bolt on to Autocad.

This is because they tend to, from what I've seen, standardise on cabinet sizes, and the appliances are also standard dimensions.

Anybody dealing in bespoke work, and charging those sorts of prices will look to design the units per project, so draw a lot from scratch.

Just my thoughts as to why NNA would discount spending development time on this. From what I've seen the InteriorCad product mentioned is excellent at the market it's aimed at.

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I know of InteriorCad and recall it's original release in the not too distant past, if my memory serves me, the cost is quite a bit outside the range I would want to pay. I've started the demo dowload process anyway ... perhaps the demo will convince me to 'pay the piper'.

Thank you

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I have been using interiorCAD for a little while now and i can tell you that if you want a package that will draw and detail kitchen cupboards then it is the one for you.

I agree that interiorCAD is serious money, but then it is a serious product. It has a great range of tools and tricks. I have been able to make door and drawer units, corner units of any shape, you can control nearly everything about the unit, even where the door handles are located...

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Guess I'll have to call InteriorCad regarding the email instructions to download the demo. I submitted the form for this and have not heard back from them. Test driving an application of this caliber is important.

Looking forward to a peak at what this app is all about.

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my name is Hans Martin Kern and I work for interiorcad.com. I'm kind of puzzled that you didn't receive a reply regarding your demo request. Before I start digging into the problem, here are the download details so you can start checking out interiorCAD right away:


User: interiorCAD15demo

Password: fkdimjs98237b

If you have any questions or feedback, we would like to urge you

to contact our technical support at interiorCAD@interiorCAD.com.

They will be pleased to answer any questions or address any

concerns you may have. We do believe that solid, in-time

technical support is a key part of our product and we encourage

you to take advantage of our support offer.

Thanks for your patience with us,


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