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Wall fit to roof angle

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I think VW just doesn't have this capability, but it should, so I'm checking to see if anyone has figured out how to fit a wall to the roof rake. When I fit wall to roof layer, this is what happens. Rather than tapering the top of the wall, it averages the slope at the wall and the top of the wall stays rectangular. Seems like a basic feature that the software should be able to cleanly fit to the roof.

Has anyone solved this?




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You need to ask the Roof to clip the Wall. See the Wall Clipping settings in the OIP. Tell the Roof which Walls you want it to clip. You will need to increase the height of your wall by whatever to ensure that it is fully clipped.


Here I used a Roof Face on an invisible layer to clip the walls the way I wanted them in order for my roof, which was actually made using symbols, to sit on top of them the way they should:



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52 minutes ago, bc said:

Has this been around since roof components or is it just in version 2021?

It was there in VW2020 but how long before that I don't know. I came to VW2020 from VW2014 where I just used it for 2D. But I'd be interested to know how much of the 3D/BIM features I use now were available in VW2014 if I'd taken the time to look for them, or indeed in VW2008 which I started on...

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