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Sum objectdata('component') areas by 'style' summary by doesn't work. Is this as designed?

Samuel Derenboim


I am trying to summarize in a compact wall schedule the components of a wall and its respective components by the sum method. However, regardless of what I do, I cannot summarize the information. If i have close to 1000 walls of a limited number of styles, why can't the worksheet summarize the areas for those components by wall type rather than list every single component? Or Is there a way to summarize component information?

 Thanks in advance!




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Hello, I have the exact same problem about summarizing walls (the component wall column should be summarized too to see the components correctly)

Is it maybe possibile to write a spreadsheet function to show every value of the 'style.mark' just once? I'm not very able to write custom functions, and maybe there's something I'm missing. 


Could maybe @Pat Stanford help us? I've seen you answered similar questions about worksheets and summarizing.


Thank you, 


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@MartinaL I would be happy to help, but I don't understand the question.


Can you provide me with a sample file that has the type of objects you want to report on in it so I know I am working on the right thing.


And then can you mark up a sample worksheet to show what you want?  Or even just give me a list of the primary columns (with the Record.Fields you want displayed) in the report.


Then I can see what I can do.

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