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Titleblock Issue Data/Revision Data Function

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We use the revision data on drawings to write what has specifically changed on the drawing, such as a design or specification change. We then use the issue data to show/log when these drawings are actually issued to other consultants or contractors.


Often we will revise drawings day to day, but issue them all in one go at a future date to cut down on the amount of changes flying around which can lead to confusion. The downside to this is that when you come to issue drawings, it can be difficult to remember which drawings have been revised, as some may have been revised weeks ago.


Is there a functionality whereby it can easily be seen if the revision date is more recent than the last issue date - therefore alerting you as to which drawings need to be reissued? My first thought was a worksheet that could highlight sheet titles in red if this is the case, I would just need to get in the habit of checking it before issuing drawings.

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