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Worksheets, open blank/without data on opening shared files



We have an ongoing problem we have not been able to solve.  It seems to be connected to shared files.


We have a worksheet which calculates the number of plants and generates a Planting Schedule.  On opening the file the schedules are blank - this is annoying as they have to be recalculated.  The rows data should exist in are not shown blank, they are not shown - the schedule consists of just the headings. 


Having to recalculate on a small project is OK - still annoying as you often might pdf and then only see the schedules are blank on review of PDF, but on large files it takes time to recalculate all schedules. 


Once you recalculate, you can work as normal and save and commit, the next day you open the file and the schedules are blank.  Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the fix. 

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@designitI have not seen any reports like it. However, can you post more information about the OS in use, type of machine, and version of Vectorworks in use? Could you also explain further what do you mean by shared files? Are you using project sharing?

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We do use project files, but it happens even when we are not doing this. 


PC, VW 2022 and VW 2021, Windows


Today we have a very small project, two different plant schedules.  Made all changes yesterday.  Closed the file last night.  Opened it this morning and schedules blank.


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I have looked at this further - the issue began in October 2020.  Its every file and  to force it to show the data is just wasting time - some projects have lots of worksheets and its a few minutes each tiem - which doesn't seem like a big deal but adds up quickly over multiple projects, staff members and the entire life of a project.  As landscape architects it is getting pretty frustrating - you would think having the data stay displayed would be a key feature required of the program.  At first i thought perhaps there was an option or formula whichw as wrong, but I can't identify anything. 

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