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VW 2022 - Plant objects Z value and "send to surface" - new bug (or negative change.)

hollister design Studio


Issue with z value.


  • VW2022 - once a plant object has been sent to surface, the z value in the OIP does nothing. It stays at 0 and changing has no effect on the relative Z


Here I've sent to surface - and then changed the Z to 2' - no effect




  • VW2021 - after you've sent a plant object to the site model surface, you can adjust the plant object with the z-value in the OIP


Here I've sent to surface - and then changed the Z to 2' - the plant object is now 2' higher than the site model as expected.






it would be great is "send to surface" was a toggle on the OIP!


Also 2:

Other objects seem to keep relative z value after they have been sent to surface.

For example -a test object at 0 is sent to surface. Now it's Z value is 2'3.74"

If I adjust the z back to 0 it goes to zero.

If i send it back to surface it goes back to 2'3.74"

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Stange thing just happened...


I've been working on a file today and the Z values were working as they were supposed to (plants in planter boxes with a Z value of 24" where 24" above the site model and showing well in the planter box).


And then I accidentally moved my Plant layer elevation up from 0" to 24" and all the custom Z values stopped working.


When I returned the Plant layer to 0" the z values did not restart.


No matter what I do now (even ctrl-Z back the before the change) I can't get back to Z value working.



Just thought you might pass that on if it could help find the fix!

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Also frustrated by this issue in version 2022.  I was only able to get the plants to set on the surface after moving them to my model layer even though I have a plants layer (and other layers) set to effect the site model.  HOWEVER, I still cannot adjust there z value to move them to a specific height. As was noted above, changing the z value does nothing.  Selecting the plant in section or 3-d view and trying to adjust the height also doesn't work.  Also tried to put a plant into a symbol to try to be able to adjust the height.  Didn't work.  Hoping a fix for this issue comes out ASAP.  

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