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VW2021 - open GL rendering question

Mitchell (the other one)


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Your Geometry may be far off from VW origin ....

(Or if moved to VW origin, there may be any elements very far from VW origin.


Activate all Layers and Classes to be visible and do a Zoom to all Objects.

If you geometry is still visible but the Rulers tell you are far from 0.00,

move it to the VW internal origin.


If you see no geometry, there are likely geometry around the origin but

also some objects far away.

Check if you see any small objects at your drawing Window borders and

zoom in into them step by step, to check which to delete (or move to origin)

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4 hours ago, Mitchell (the other one) said:

If 3,561 miles is considered "far off" that is the problem.


On the german forum there was once mentioned 4 km would be save.

You are about 5 km away.

But these artifacts look more like a 40,000 miles away.


So for me it looks more like there is any other unwanted element that is

far away. Should be on another Layer as your Layer worked in a new file.


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