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UV Mapping Controls in 2022

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I have so many questions about UV mapping in VW 2022. I have created a test page for my self to start the process.

1. the white flask has an overall texture of yellow but it is showing as it's fill color. Why

2. #4 decal on the large bottle shape has white around it not the overall color of yellow. Why?

3. Adjustment of map positions????     This a cool tool but I will need to spend time to understand the controls. If you grab any of the decals with the attribute mapping tool to adjust its position it all goes wacky. I have included the VW file for review. The only way I have found is to use the info pallet numeric controls for face overrides.

Any direction would be helpful.

1. Don't forget to include the secret key strokes.

2. I use Fundamentals so tools the require high end versions of Vectorworks are not helpful.

UV Mapping Test page screen shot .png

UV Mapping Test page.vwx

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We will probably not see prefect mapping control until we get access to a proper UV-mapping grid. As it is now, it's ok for more simple shapes, but it quickly becomes unmanageable for more complex shapes. The picture shows a mapping I did yesterday in a geodesy dome, not in VW though, and then imported the result. I suspect it would be a nightmare to map in VW. 



UV mapping on a geodesic dome.jpg

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I am trying to understand why the Overall texture doesn’t always show up. The 2-3 open box has a green overall texture with 2 face over rides. The flask and ball have 1 and 1 but the overall does not show. This tool could be useful if I can control the mapping. What or where is the magic button.

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