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associative dimensioning

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hi there,



can someone tell me, whats wrong with those ass. dimensioning?


I am trying to find the logic behind it.


How can i place some constraints (parallel, othogonal, incidence ..), so that VW wont destroy my sketch/associative dimension?


When do u suggest to use this associative dimensioning, what for it was made, does someone use it?



I made a polygon and used the object dimensioning to learn something about it.


Sometimes (the left and upper part of my polygon) it works on all 3 anchor points, while i input diff values into the dimension, the right and bottom one only works on one of the anchor points without destroying themselves.




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Hi Pat,





Thats clear, but it was confusing, that such constraining is not working between objects.


There is results a modification of one thing overrides the existing constraint?



If I try to constrain different rectangles, it is modifying those "other constraints".


Is there any "horizontal" or "orthogonal" contraint i can place manually?



But what is happening in the 2. clip? The measures are tipping, after i made it 0 and then with some input >100.



br THX kc


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3 hours ago, KingChaos said:

The measures are tipping, after i made it 0 and then with some input >100.



I think once it was 0.00, VW can't recognize what is start and end point and in which

direction to go. Therefore decides to do nothing (?)

Better than crashing though.

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of course i knew this "crashing all the sketch segments" from TopSolid.


But there u can repair all the stuff because u simply have to manipulate the points and direction, where the dimensioning is.


It was really headache in the start, but did u once get how it works its working for u 🙂

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On 10/28/2021 at 7:35 AM, KingChaos said:

Is there any "horizontal" or "orthogonal" contraint i can place manually?

For the issue in the first video, did you try putting the dimension at the center of the top edge instead of the left top corner? In case it is a polygon there is a chance that will move only the corner node and not the entire edge but putting the dimension at the center of the edge should in theory move the entire edge, assuming this would work in VW as well.

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On 10/27/2021 at 5:40 PM, Pat Stanford said:

You have "over constrained" the object.  Try using only three associative dimensions.


With four dimension objects, you get to a point where you can't change them all because to change the right one would require the end point of the top dimension to move which would change the value.



This is where a fix constraint would be nice to have so that it forces another point to move even if two constraints are counteracting on each other.

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