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Legacy 2D features


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That world "legacy" fills me with dread.


While I have been working in 3D 100% for some time, there are occasions when 2D is essential. All water jet, plasma and laser cutters are 2D and many will throw a wobbly when given anything which is not 2D. So for a lot of real world work (in other words, anything which isn't printed or emailed) abandoning 2D could be the end of the line for many VW users.


Yes, VW is not great at converting 3D objects to 2D. The extract tool is useful but riddled with bugs and anomalies such as converting arcs in polylines to bezier curves and converting circles into two 180º arcs. What I find concerning is that VW might think that nobody uses 2D and rather than improving these tools, they'll abandon 2D altogether.


Please say this is not so!

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Don't see it as "2D is legacy".


There were designed some strange functions on the way from only 2D

to adapt to 3D. Like Screen Plane, which came in help for missing "real"

3D Tools. As it was the only way to manipulate Objects in 3D Space.


VW is still a mainly 2d oriented 2.5D System though with no equality of all 3 Dimensions.

(Compared to e.g. Microstation since the mid 90ies or earlier)

Which isn't that bad as Architecture, depending from gravity mostly works in that way.


Another thing is Unified View when off, was a workflow to arrange and print Drawings

on Design Layers, because at that time there were no Sheet Layers to layout your plans.



So it is not 2D that is legacy, but a few somehow "creative" but very unusual VW Features.

Unfortunately many users get used to those and it is hard to deprecate those and take

them away to move on in progress.


Non of the "2D legacy Features" is required today anymore to work in 3D or 2D and to

layout and publish Plans.

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I could live with getting rid of screen play and layer plane.

On 10/24/2021 at 6:27 PM, zoomer said:

Another thing is Unified View when off, was a workflow to arrange and print Drawings

on Design Layers, because at that time there were no Sheet Layers to layout your plans.


This is often a tuff thing for ppl to get their head around I find. I train a lot of new guys and the ability to draw 2d on a design layer and save those layers as a view makes for easy onboarding.


The problem with heavy linked advancements is they often create unnecessary complexity for some where maybe not necessary. When you have jobs that need to be productive and quick and 20 sites a week going out the door, bloated, slow viewport updates, from models and such just don't make a lot of sense. While I'm always searching for efficiency I always go back to the old adage that engineers like to use. KISS. I realize ea. here has a workflow that prob varies vastly from user to user, its VW flexibly to allow all those designers to do things in the best way possible as they see fit. Sometimes thats a complex model, other times its a basic 2D conceptual drawing.

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6 minutes ago, HEengineering said:

When you have jobs that need to be productive and quick and


I am generally not the right person to judge this or help as I don't need much

and am not experienced in 2D for my work.


I can understand the lag for generating VP though.

(In 3D .... but isn't 2D Plan View real time anyway ? For Sections I would assume

thatSections/Elevations, generated from a 3D Model, would be overall worth the

time to wait for plan generation/calculation)


My problem is that I never worked that way,

(Screen Plane, Different Layer Scales + Unified View OFF)

and so just can't even imagine that process at all or where there could be the

advantages for pure 2D - but that doesn't mean there may be some.


But at least these legacy features are still available,

- as an optional switch in document settings

- activated by default for any File that already contains such legacy features

(-> Template Files !)



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I hear ya Zoomer, and really just engaging the forum on some down time, its been a while.


Imagine trying to model a telecommunications site in 3D. A lattice tower(so many sizes and shapes), extremely hard to model. Mesh fencing with barbed wire, cabinets cable bridges, utility pedestals etc. Its not like a house where VW has pre built tools to pop in windows and doors. It's a utility, that has ever changing cabinets, and antennas that are obsolete in a year(all needing modeled). So if I spend the time to model something it's useless in 6 months. Working in 3D for Construction drawing packages doesn't seem to make sense to me. However; modeling for photo sims and using VPs in that sense its been huge. Maybe the client wants to see how the sleds with antennas look on their building? Camera match and Viewports work great for that.

Some might say we're not using the right software or using it in the right manner, I disagree, but maybe Im bias. The fact is there isn't much I haven't been able to do with VW in my 15 years of experience. But for the life of me I can't see modeling a site to generate CD's unless we were doing architecture or modeling a part of sorts. I want to be proven wrong. Just haven't been able to put together a better approach.🤷‍♂️ 

I wish I was in a city where there was more VW classes and users to interact with!

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To be clear,

I don't disagree that some projects still work better in 2D only.


What I do not get is :

why to use different Layer scales in a drawing window.

(It is always drawn in real world units anyway. Layer Scale is just WYSIWYG

to estimate your annotation and text sizes while drawing)

- why to show different Layer Scales at a time in drawing view

- why using screen plane - for me 2D is just always seen as in XY plane only


But just that I don't get it - doesn't mean it may not make sense.


And I just don't have the experience, especially for the telecommunication site,

if overall, a 3D BIM Approach could be still worth though or not at all.

Because of BIM being less error prone to follow with all plans for changes.

Getting Calculations and the Plan, Elevation and Section plans part mostly

generated after each change cycle.


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