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VW 2022 requires force quit on Mac



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Hi @AmyRWolfe, hi @zoomer

I was experiencing the very same problem. I contacted tech support and the below helped to solve it.




OzCAD now Vectorworks Australia:

"When you launched v2022 for the first time the Migration Manager comes up. Did you migrate any old settings out of interest?


I would try the following to see if this stops the program crashing upon quit.


Go to Vectorworks Preferences > User Folders tab.

Then click the Reveal in Finder button. This will take you to your 2022 user folder.

Leave that Finder window open then return to Vectorworks and quit.

Back in the 2022 Finder window, rename the Settings folder to 'Settings OLD' then open Vectorworks again.


Hopefully that might fix it."

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I’ve been having this same issue with Vw2022 as well. About every other time I try to quit Vw2022, I get the spinning beach ball, the internal fans spin up to full speed and I have to Force Quit.

I had already reset my User Preferences folder as suggested above several months ago, I guess I’ll have to try it again. 

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