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How do you create two separate solids after Section Solids tool not one separated solid?

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This is something that drives me crazy. So I am looking for some guidance here. 


After using the the Section Solids I get a solid that consist of two separated enclosed volumes that are selected as one solid. Shouldn't the command create two solids? If one wants to group them after that would be okay.


How do I get instead two solids? There are no options on the boolean commands. I try "decompose",  "ungroup", neither of which work. There doesn't seem to be a command in VW to create two solids in this situation. Am I missing something?

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Without knowing how the solid was created my guess would be that there might be underlying geometry that extents into both sections and causes the two sections to be treated as one object. I've seen similar behaviour in other software for that reason. But there ungrouping solves the issue.


What happens if you convert the solid to a generic solid and then section it? Do you get two different objects in that case?

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