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Multiple dimension formats in same file?

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I typically need a few formats for units within the same file. I want to model in millimeter precision (normally x,xxx m, I know I can use varying units when entering in values), I generally want my dimensions and elevation stakes to show values with cm precision (x,xx m) but for details I would want them in mm (xxx mm). I cannot seem to deviate my dimensions and elevations from the way the units for the file is setup, am I really stuck with this?

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I know that many of us would like to see more options for Dimensions.

Here in Canada for example we often have clients or contractors who want to see drawings  that may include Imperial Dimensions. To avoid a large number of Dual Dimensions the following is what I do & it will work the same for for mm & cm display.


- Edit the Units and set the main Units of Length to whatever is the most used in the document (for example cm)

- Choose Dual Dimensions & set the Dual Dimension to mm

- Add Dimensions as you normally would in your document

- When you need to show mm change the dimension setting to Dual Dimensions (you may want to add a custom Dimension to your Dimension Standards)

- Un-check the box marked "SHOW DIM VALUE"

- What remains is the mm value


I can't find a way to edit the 2nd Dimension Value to do away with the rectangular brackets, so this may be inelegant, but hey, it works!

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To expand on what @Jim Smith says, I have two Custom Dimension Standards set up in my templates. The first is set up to just use my main unit which is millimetres. The second is set up to use dual dimensions (side by side) with my dual dimension being metres - but in the 'Dual View' setting I've set it to 'Secondary Only' so that it only shows metres (without rectangular brackets). So in this way I have one standard for mm + one for metres + can switch between them depending on what unit I want to show in each case.



Stakes you can just set to whichever unit you want on a stake by stake basis

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So there's a wish list item here: In Canada in addition to the clients & contractors who still want dimensions based on the size of barley corns, we have legacy surveys that are expressed in Decimal Feet, but all zoning regulations are expressed in Meters. (Sorry, people clinging to imperial measurements is a pet peeve !)


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