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Property Lines and Tagging Arcs

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I am trying to learn the best approach to creating property lines / tagging arcs for a "Site Plan".

When developing a simple site model, using bearings, I have encountered no issues.


However, I am currently working on a plan that is more challenging and requires property lines that have arcs.

I have attached what I am working on, and would welcome any support on the project.



Ryan Russell


p.s. - I have a working document that was exported from Revit, and imported into Vectorworks. The problem I am encountering is that it won't scale well when I try to drop in another model created in VW2022. So, naturally, I am trying to see if I cannot just build this out entirely within VW. 

Property Lines and Tagging Arcs.vwx

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Is this what you mean?  Drawing came in rotated, but I set to Top Plan unrotated.


I created this property line by selecting the segments which were drawn on top of the pdf, Composed, right click>Create Objects from Shapes>Property Line.


On the design layer, the default text is too small to see without lots of zoom. With the PL selected, I increased text size via Text Menu>Size>Set Size>Custom>600.  In OIP, I chose some parameters - bearing vs azimuth, Report Curve as Segment Label, but others default.





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I looked again and see some problems.

1. The pdf is raster rather than vector, so no snaps, no certainty of dimensional correctness, offsets, etc of geometry applied over the image.

2. The pdf is not scaled to match the called dimensions and scale bar.  You can rescale via the Modify>Scale>Symmetric by Distance.  But probably a do-over is better option.  eg New blank vwx drawing.  Set layer scale to match the announced scale of the pdf drawing (1"=20'). Import the pdf to this layer.  It should display scale bar and called dimensions at or very close to correct new geometry. If needed, Rotate pdf for North alignment.

3.  Then  questions - Are the Prop segments drawn in Field or Plat context? Are the field locations denoting the prop boundary? or are they more metes and bounds type features close to the property segment points? Uncertainties in this pdf seem likely to cause imprecise documentation and other problems with location and construction of any new design features. 


Is a vector based survey file available? Or can you work with approximations based on this pdf?




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