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Retaining wall face square footage measurment

J. Wallace

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Hello everyone.


A question that I'm sure has a straightforward answer. I have a small curved retaining wall that's base is going to follow the existing terrain.

I'm trying to provide a stone mason with the area or face of the wall in sq ft but for the life of me I don't see any area measurements available in the OIP.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.




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Tom W and J Wallace 

Or........if you want to have a bit more fun than the worksheet methodology ......:-)

-3d Tool Set / Extract Face (click on the face you want to extract), then.....

-Model Menu / Volumetric properties, and voila!  Like I said....wayyyy more fun!  🙂






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Glad that worked for ya.

As Tom mentioned, worksheets and worksheet functions are usually the way to go with these types of items, but to some users, especially newer users, worksheet stuff can be a bit intimidating.

I use them practically daily for one thing or another, but they still scare the hell out of me 🙂


That option to click on something and just select the menu item to check the Volumetric properties is pretty cool.

In fact, if you quickly just wanted to get the overall sq. feet of your entire wall(s) you don't even need to extract anything....just select the wall and select the Volumetric properties menu item and it will report back to you to the total volume of the entire wall(s)


As you aptly noted...:knowledge is KING!!!"


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