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Line thickness by color - possible?

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Is there a way one can make lineweight directly determined by line color? Like change a line to color "cyan" and it automatically becomes 0.5mm thick? I would find this extremely useful when drawing with "zoom line thickness" set to off (a more accurate way of drawing)

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You can do this using "attributes by class". Set up a class for each of your pen colors. Set the class color to the desired pen color, and the weight to the desired line thickness. Then when you draw, draw using the desired pen class and you will get lineweight-by-class (which will also be lineweight-by-pencolor).

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Yes agree.

Class + layer are very powerful combination of tools. You can generate a lot of output by manupulating them.


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A friend of mine wrote some script up for me such that all I have to do is hit a "hot-key" and whatever is selected turns into the color/lineweight I had presetup. If I hit the "hot-key" before anything is selected the attributes of what I'm ABOUT to gets set to do that color/lineweight.

I like this solution as it is independent of layers and classes which allows me to have different color/lineweights in each class and layer. For instance, I have a layer called "Details" with is usually in 1"=1'-0" scale with a lot of sectional stuff. I'll use one color/lineweight for the general drawing parts, another for stuff "in view beyond" the section, another for textures (like woodgrain), a much heavier one for cut lines, etc.

I can e-mail the scripts to anyone who would like to use and alter them to their desired colors/lineweights.

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