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Aluminium Window Sill



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Hi Madeleine. It's not currently a feature of the native window object unfortunately.


Please upvote these two requests:




In the mean time the way I work around this limitation is to use a symbol. I've attached an example of one we use. You need to insert this symbol before inserting the window, so that the window sits on top of the sill in Top Plan view. If your window is already inserted just pull it out, insert the sill symbol and then re-insert your window.


It's made up of simple extrudes. Adjust these to suit your wall thickness and window position. Then you can duplicate the symbol and adjust as required to make sills for every width you need.


aluminium_window_sill_v2019.vwx aluminium_window_sill_v2020.vwx aluminium_window_sill_v2021.vwx aluminium_window_sill_2022.vwx

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Did you want the actual sill component or just the window to look like it was made from an extrusion? I've managed to get the standard window tool to play ball.. windoor on the other hand leaves the sill thickness below the window on both sides and turning internal trim off turns off the reveal. ARGH. I've had far more 'joy' getting the standard tool to look more like reality lately...



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