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New Apple for Vectorworks


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I'm about to purchase a new Mac, mainly to be used for Vectorworks. I'm leaning towards the new MacBook Pro (probably with the M1 Max : Not so much because I think the processor is better but because that one comes with 32 GB RAM whereas the M1 Pro only comes with 16 from what I can see here in Australia). Has anyone any thoughts on that ? Or in comparison with a well spec'ed new iMac, would taht be the better choice when spending a similar or slightly lesser amount ? 

Would love to hear your experiences with one or the other, or your thoughts on that ! 


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In a week or two there should be a flood of information and benchmarks evaluating the new machines and their chips. Of interest though, Vectorworks and Redshift (Cinema 4d) both make an appearance in Apple's marketing, so we may see NV do their own write-up on the performance of these new machines. The 4x performance of the Apple M1 Max, compared to the Radeon Pro 5600M,  in Redshift is particularly interesting . . .








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10 hours ago, markymarc said:

one comes with 32 GB RAM whereas the M1 Pro only comes with 16



I run into the memory limit of 16 GB on my M1 very often.

If more would have been available for M1 I would never have chosen only 16 GB.

My PC has 64 GB and I am happy to have some reserves but also often need

20 or 30 GB for VW App alone.

So personally I would prefer rather 128 GB to be future proof for the next years.


You should take a look at your Memory Consumption in Activity Monitor from time

to time when working with larger files, to see what is suitable for you.

For Apple Silicon devices, the Memory is also shared between GPU and CPU.


You can also open larger projects on a 8 GB M1 MackBook Air if you need. But

it gets very slow, opposed to normal use where it is so fast and snappy.

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Hi all! 

I'm really looking into buying one of the 14" myself but honestly I have no idea what all these specs are saying.

Can anyone translate to ordinary English? 😃 Jokes aside, the most complex drawing I've ever done so far is this one for the venue I work at (link below). Do you think that the cheapest of the M1 MBP's would be sufficient, or do I need more juice? I don't know computers a lot I just want them to help me do my stuff, haha. Thanks everyone!




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