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2022 - hardscape fill by class bug.

hollister design Studio


I opened a file in VW2022 (SP1 on win 10) to convert it and all my hardscapes on V_CONC Class have turned to their fill to "solid" with color (a light blue) 'by class" .

The class they are assigned to (V_CONC) has the fill set to Hatch - not to Solid.

When I made the class fill a solid, it defaulted to the lt Blue color, and when I changed the class fill color, the hardscape slab color changed.

But if I change the fill back to a hatch pattern the hardscape no longer follows the fill 'by class'.



If the Class fill set to hatch I can not change/set a hardscape in that Class to fill to "by class" in the attributes menu - it just flips right back to fill/solid/color 'by class' (using the last color the class hard before it was fill by hatch - if that makes any sense.)

BUT - if I change the Class fill to solid, THEN change the hardscape fill to 'by class', THEN change the Class fill to hatch --- NOW the hardscape shows expected behavior and shows the fill as 'by class' and a hatch.



Also - if I tried to set a hardscape to fill /hatch in the attributes menu I get an error "Hatch and Tile fills are disabled for the hardscape" 



Attached a test file with a hardscape copied from original file and a rectangle converted to a hardscape:


blue hardscapes.vwx



Hardscapes are as expected back in 2021

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I'm having this now in a different file.



  • create new class named test class
  • set fill to magenta
  • reset fill to a hatch pattern.


  • Draw Polygon on 'test class'
  • Create objects from shapes /  hardscape.
  • Set main area class to <hardscape class>
  • Hardscape shows in Top/plan as a solid magenta fill NOT as the by class hatch.
  • You can NOT set the 'Attributes menu'  fill to 'by class' - it just flips back to solid fill magenta.


  • Edit the class 
  • set fill to solid


  • Select the hardscape and now you can set the 'Attributes menu' fill to 'by class'


  • Reedit the Class
  • Set the fill to hatch


  • Hardscape is now 'by class' and showing a hatch fill.


If you try and make a new hardscape you have to do the whole process over again.


Here is a new Screen Capture video:

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This also reverts to 'solid' if you try and use the Attribute Mapping Tool on a hardscape.


When a hardscape is selected and the tool is activated there is no change, but when the tool is moved  (either scale or rotatin) the hardscape loses it's 'by class' designation and becomes 'solid' filled.


@Pat Stanford - as no-one has responded from VW I'm going to link you in - to see if this is a noted bug.

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Me too - Another Vectorworks pre-release disaster - again we are the beta testers - not the developers who apparently don't bother to use the software after they 'improve it' for us.

 My mistake again in upgrading -  Better to wait a year to upgrade as I have in the past as it is not worth all the headaches.  We are reverting back to 2021 for now.  We will upgrade to 2022 and the END of 2022.


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It appears that hardscape objects appearance is not to be controlled by classing but by hardscape object definition.  What is very confusing to me however is that you also have the ability to set components of a hardscape to have a Material and that material can also have a hatch setting for 2d views.  The material appearance settings however seem totally irrelevant as I can't seem to find any way for those to be displayed. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@hollister design Studio @lgoodkind We have reverted the old behaviour, and you will see the change in the upcoming SP2 release in couple of weeks.


FYI. The change was made to reduce confusion when attributes are set to hatch together with hatch joint pattern, in which you get two hatches on top of each other. Making even more confusion is not a good solution, se we reverted it to think of a better approach to solve the original problem.


Thank you for reporting this.

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Confusing indeed!  I do see the usefulness in the joint pattern options, especially the radial pattern.  I don't see any way, as you say, to also apply a hatch under these joint patterns.  If it can be done the best option (for us anyway) would be to have the hatch and joint pattern on separate classes to turn them off/on on sheet layers.


The most important thing here is that we need control over hardscape hatches so that they may be displayed differently on say an irrigation plan vs. a planting plan.  Simply greying out the entire class or layer is not very useful.  We used to create separate layers or classes for paving fills and linework.  If we are to transition to using hardscape objects then we would need the same functionality to retain readability on construction drawings.


Thanks for your response.

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