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Marionette Object Node Crashes Vectorworks


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When run, the wrapper in the attached file (VW 2021) produces the window trim as expected.  But when I go to convert the wrapper to an object node, I just get the spinning beach ball and need to Force Quit Vectorworks.  It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with the network, since it runs successfully, so I'm not sure what I'm missing...  Any thoughts greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  VWIS220

02-Object Node Crashes VW.vwx

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same problem here without "solid boolean".


all is working fine, but making "object node" crashes VW


Maybe it is something with the naming of the XG-Cabinets. 

Until now i am not able to modify the Xg-Cabinet-Name, maybe it is read only somehow.


I can change the name of the object but the cabinet name is like a phantom.

Even if i am sucessfully set the record of "Korpusmöbel - Alle" and read it out afterwards while making a text with this record value it is shown that i modified it, but in the cabinet this change is not seen.




br KC


Namensinputmit Aktivierung.vwx

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