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Apply Different Textures to Extrudes



In previous versions of VW, I could covert text to polylines, extrude and apply a different texture to the front, back and sides. 

This allowed me to easily create channel letter signage on buildings. 

VW2022 only allows on texture for the entire extrude, making it impossible to to create this same effect.

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Thank you both for your quick response! The texture tool worked, although the process was tedious and took a lot longer because of all the beach balling. 

I run a decent speed Mac Pro, but wow... couldn't believe I spent so much time just on this one thing.

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As far as benchmarks, the Mac Pro is about as fast as the M1 Mac mini. But perhaps VW new features are optimized for the M1 chip? I plan to get a new computer but I was waiting to see the next version of the chip, which was announced today. I will be getting the new 14-inch MacBook Pro. I just have to decide how tricked out I need the processor to be. Thanks again for your help (as always)!

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I like that I can replace my desktop and my laptop with one computer! You used to have to chose between power and portability - but that no longer seems to be the case (at least until the new Mac Pro comes out). The new MBP seems to have plenty of power for VW and RW.


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