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Solid Addition from Scaled Symbol?

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That worked great in the file that I sent you!  But not so much in my original file (attached)....


When I changed the "s" to an "i" in the file that I sent you, I got a dialogue box about a "REFFILE keyword" (see screenshot in attached file) to which I said "Yes."


When I went to update the node in my original file, the "s" had already been replaced with the "i" (which I assume has to do with the "REFFILE" thing...).  But the network failed...


Ultimately, I found that if I copied the node that I'd originally modified and used that, the network would succeed and generate the expected solid.


The attached file displays the steps I went through.  It also includes a screenshot of a warning that I frequently get.  And I've noticed that the Scale Symbol node has a red gradient in the RM, but in the file it's just white... don't know if that's significant.   VWIS219


Thanks!  Will





05-Scale Symbol Node-02.vwx

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Hi @Marissa Farrell, just wondering if you saw my above post and have had a chance to look into it?  Changing the "s" to an "i" seemed to work only for the node that I changed.  All other instances of the node seemed to automatically have their "s" changed to an "i," but they wouldn't work.  Is this a bug, or am I missing something?  Thanks!

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Hmm... I just went through each scale symbol node, and here they all have the "i" (assuming we're looking at the very last character of Line 36, see Screenshot 07).


I started from scratch in a new file (File 08) and had the same issues.  The node from the Resource Manager fails to create a solid, but when replaced with a copy of the node that works from File 05, a solid is created as expected.


What is the REFFILE all about?  After I changed that first node, they all have the "i" (here they do, at least...).


Oddly, I just found that after opening and closing the node's script, a solid then is created as expected...  See Screen Recording 09.  The recording also shows an error message, which I often get just when opening a file and pretty much always ignore...  

07-Scale Symbol i-05.png

08-Scale Symbol Node-00.vwx

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REFFILE is used for updating the scripts across all your nodes, it's useful when a node has a bug and needs to be updated in the source code, but what you've stumbled across is the small issue - each existing node in your document must be updated to refresh the script (so each time you open and close the node it will update it, but you need to do that for each existing node in your drawing). I *think* you could also use the "Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug-ins" command to refresh the script, but I am not 100%.


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Okay... got it.  I went into the "Marionette Default Library.vwx" file, edited the Scale node's symbol, opened and closed the node's script there, and now when I place it in a new file it works as expected.  (And while I was at it, I edited the node's Symbol Options so that it places into the Operations class rather than the Active class...).


How do I disconnect a node from the REFFILE function?  So that, you know, I can mess around with its script without affecting all instances of that node...



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