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Flat DXF to Extruded Model


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I've done this a few times now and I'm looking for best practices / a faster solve. 


I got this DXF from the manufacturer:



I then go through and delete all the junk I don't care about:



I then do that in a fine tuned way trying to delete all the artifact junk from the DXF:



Then I pick a surface as my base extrude and use the command "Combine Into Surface" and extrude it to the depth that I want:



Then I rinse and repeat for all the other blocks and then combine at the end. Is there a faster / smarter way to do this? 


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15 hours ago, trashcan said:

Then I rinse and repeat for all the other blocks and then combine at the end. Is there a faster / smarter way to do this? 

Unless you manage to get hold of Harry Potter's magic wand then probably not. 🙂


You could try to create only the base volume without rounded edges, then put the side surface areas to each respective side and use push/pull to subtract/extrude to the desired depths first and then round all corners where necessary. That is how I would do it in my other CAD program which can recognize enclosed surface boundaries for push/pull but in VW it doesn't work as smoothly so that is one thing where I would like to see VW improve.

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I'm slowly plugging away at this model "in all my free time"


And I got stuck:


I have two shapes that I need to do a multiple extrude with a depth of .291"



It gets super nasty if I do a multiple extrude:



If I just the bigger rectangle and do a flat extrude at .291", and then use Deform-->Taper Solid, I get close to what I want but not exactly right:


Close enough for jazz! But how do I do it right, I wonder? 


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