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Vectorworks 2022 Issues



this isn't so much a question as a statement... I finally started using 2022 today, along with 3 other employees in my firm, and we've had multiple crashes and video display issues.  Seems like VW decided to once again release a bug laden product in order to beat the Service Select renewal deadline.  Needless to say I am not very happy about paying for a product prior to its readiness for the market.  It's not going to happen again.


These kind of issues are inexcusable.  I'm not getting paid by VW to bug test their product.  I'm getting paid by clients to deliver documents to them to build.  When I have to waste hours and days trying to optimize a tool to use, I lose money.


I'm going back to 2021 until I see updates being released that hopefully will fix this product.  Then, instead of wasting time on VW bugs, I'll start searching for a tool designed and developed by architects, not by marketing shills.

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2022 isn't supported on Mohave.  https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq


I've found it helpful in the past when VW has been unstable to boot into safe mode and run VW for a couple hours.  If that works there may be a conflict with some system setting/extension or other software.  


I've been using 2022 for quite a while on my 2019 MBP running Catalina or Big Sur and it's super stable (except when also using Zoom).

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Same troubles here. I have had several crashes since I upgraded to 2022 a few days ago.

It is so bad that I can no use the workstation at all. It needs to go back to be tested.

For reference, I run this system:

Asus Prime TRX40-Pro S

AMD Ryzen 3960X

64Gb DDR4 3200MHz

ATI Radeon Pro W5700

OS MS W 64bit

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