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Keystroke to get out of a text box?

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7 hours ago, Tom W. said:

You can increase the maximum number of undos in the Session tab above to something more than the default 20. I only recently thought to increase mine to 30 as never took time to look at what it was set to but often getting to the end of the undo line wishing I could carry on a couple more stops... In recent thread others had their max set much higher but trade-off is slowing down VW...

I always have mine set at 100. I dont notice performance issues with any document I originate, but I do have lagging problems with imported AutoCAD filed from others, like architects whose files look like they get paid per object! It's like playing space invaders to get rid of all the overlaid polygons, etc. to get down to just the lines needed. And I'm not talking about necessary polygons with hatches, etc., I'm talking about white filled polygons that dont need to be there that seem to be traced over the lines behind them.


I'll try setting the undos back to a low number and see if it helps performance while dissecting and deleting the massive amount of junk in those files.


We sure have strayed form the topic, but this happens everywhere.

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6 hours ago, line-weight said:

I've realised that I've confused myself here, I think.


Because there are "undos" and then there are the "previous / next view" arrows at the top left of the screen. They take you back between views, without making any changes to objects.


What happens is that I want to get back to a view I was looking at just recently - and it feels like it was just a couple of moves back, but actually I have changed view using multiple zooms/pans, perhaps simultaneously, because I'm using the mouse scroll wheel and so on. And to me these were just a couple actions but to VW they were a long string of small actions, and it's these that I then have to painstakingly step back through. And sometimes there are enough that I run out of "previous views" before I get to where I want to be.

I'm still a little confused but I will come back when I have more time to play around with all of this. I do see view change type indicators in the lower right of my screen when I undo, It will say stuff like "undo object", 'change view" as it counts back (may not be exactly what it says, going by memory)

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