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Does 2022 support Open GL?

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I am going through the VW University courses which are based on the 2021 interface, although I am using 2022.


In the module on Reset Preferences, the example suggests setting Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > Default 3D view render mode to Open GL. I don't have that option, only Shaded and Wireframe.


Should I have Open GL? What's the difference? How you decide which to use?


I'm running Architect.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Chris Rogers, for version 2022, OpenGl has been discontinued and has been replaced by "Shaded."   It should perform exactly like OpenGL did.


I believe the reason is a "behind the scenes" switch on Apple's behalf away from the older technology towards "Metal" technology...



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3 hours ago, Chris Rogers said:

Should I have Open GL? What's the difference? How you decide which to use?



VW's graphic module was updated from using OpenGL graphic framework to

native Metal for Macs and native DirectX for Windows.

(Which is more work to support but faster and more future proof)


And as under the hood, there is no more OpenGL code used, it did no more

make sense to call that view mode "OpenGL".

Now it was renamed with a more neutral name, suitable for both frameworks.


OpenGL or Shaded mode is basically the same, including all previous setting options.

Just a new Name, "Shaded".

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