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Editing the plants database in VW11.5


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The Plant Database is located AEC/Plant/PlantReference data - to add plants or edit those already in the data base.

Landmark also has a Plant Database Utility which can be used to import external plant libraries dependent on their form or again edit Plant Data.

It is located in the Folder Vectorworks Landmark is installed to on your hard drive. In my case C/Vectorworks 11.5.1/Extras/VWL Plant DB Utility Folder

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But I don't have any utility called "VWL Plant DB Utility".

I have VW 11.5.1 Landmark on Mac OS X and nothing seems to be installed on my disk. I searched for any utility on the CD, but I didn't find anything.

And of course I find nothing about the plant database in the documentation.

That drives me crazy. If someone could help me, I'll be very gratefull.

Thank you


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Mac is the same as windows. The VWL Plant DB Utility is in the Extras folder which is in the same directory as your application. If you don't see it I would suggest you reinstall.

If you search the online help for Plant Database you should get about 12 hits. I think you want the page titled "Importing Plant Database" which can also be found in the appendix of the printed Landmark manual on page A-9.

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