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In desperate need of advice!


I need to 3D model a giant fungus shape growing- I have attached a photo similar to what I need to achieve. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/371828512996995341/

Any idea which tool would be best to do this? I've tried the loft surface tool, extrude along path, drape surface tool etc but it seems borderline impossible to get this shape?


My uni assignment is due very soon so need to think of some kind of solution, any help would be greatly appreciated!



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OK, bit of a challenge to model. Might be best to use textures on some collection of Sub D or NURBS balloon shapes.


Here is a very overhead intensive model idea.

Create some basic bumpy shape, surface array it to extend. Maybe you need several different shapes to start.

Surface array the extended shape onto a series of bigger shapes.

Glomp together several of the bigger arrays. rescale, clip, etc.

Gets really laggy, so convert to Generic Solid each step.


vwx probably not best tool for this.


File is close to a Gig, so not adding here.










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So many options. So little time
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