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Survey Information - spot levels or contours?

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Anyone out there know what's the best thing to do with this survey to make a site model?


I received a survey with spot levels as 2d info and contours with z values. The contours are broken by the text and there are overlapping polys etc. I have asked for the z values for the spot heights but the surveyor doesn't seem able to provide these. 

Is the only way to create stakes and manually insert the values, or should I use the contours ( which have 3D levels) and manually join them up?


Any advice for the best / quickest thing to do?

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I'd go back to the surveyor + ask them to supply the spot elevations as a .txt or .csv file. They should be able to do this. Then you can import this file into VW + have VW create 3D loci from the data then create the site model from these. You will probably need to clean up the file in Excel first to get it into a format that VW likes.


I've struggled in the past to get decent 3D data off surveyors but now I use one who knows what they're doing + they supply the spot elevations as 3D 'points' which VW converts to 3D loci on import so you're ready to create a site model immediately. No messing around required.




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