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Locus visual is distracting

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I recently just started trying to use VW2021, and the reason is my templates that I have been using for years have a strange behavior in 2021 vs. 2020. I know I am working too hard and my template and drawing system is antiquated but I just dont have time for "school". I have to be drawing stuff, all the time. I use an old school method I borrowed from someone else's document many years ago. It's what I know. It's setup with design layers of scales. 3/8"-12" to full size.


The template has loci in the title block for placing text, moving the page around, etc. Suddenly in 2021 if I'm in any other scale design layer than full size or my title block page layer where the loci are placed, also full size; when I scroll zoom in and out, the loci jump to a very large size while scrolling then return to normal when I stop zooming. This doesn't appear to be anything more than a visual distraction.


VW support person told me its probably something in the template. But this same template setup has been used since version 8.5 all the way to 2020 and not had this issue. So what support is really telling me is there may be a glitch in the software...because 2021 is the first version that has done this.


I thought it must be some sort of view or layer or tools option to toggle...something simple, like I am always running in to, not being a thoroughly trained detailer. I did go to one classroom training but it wasn't focused enough on my specific need. We are so busy, training time is not available and I've been able to produce with what I have. I'd like to use my template with 2021 but I also scroll zoom a lot, so this is aggravating.


Attached is a video showing a locus placed in my title page design layer and what happens when I switch layers then zoom in and out.


Any ideas are welcome.



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I get this all the time with 2021. Not just with loci, but with lots of things. I’m so beaten by the clumsiness and messiness of Vectorworks, that I did not bother to report it. 2022 has introduced a whole new realm of new visual artifacts. No other software I’ve ever used has these problems. It takes far too long to report bugs and these sorts of issues are rarely solved (or they are solved so many months or years later that I’ve accepted work-arounds as normal).

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Justin H,


I'd rather not share the template with the public. Is there a way to PM or contact you directly? Premium tech support? I only spoke with tech support verbally and that person didn't not take the step further to ask me to send the example.


I would love to also solve the problem of VW getting laggy when importing Autocad files. I sent an example of this once and never got a follow up from VW. On the phone the person was just saying there were a bunch of objects and said he would circle it around the techs and get back to me. I have this problem frequently. It seems VW cant handle the amount of data that can be overlaid by architects (sometimes I wonder what the heck they were thinking ...so much junk). I have to try to work around it, trying to isolate what I need dealing with the delay and program not responding for minutes on end, then copy what I isolated to a fresh document to work efficiently.


I'm just drawing in 2-D. I would think a program that can draw 3-D would be able to handle massive data. My computer is fully capable.




I feel you. I have worked around a LOT, but then again I'm not well trained. Most of what I know is handed down or self taught. Every now and then I get a good tech person who can lead me in the right direction. My problem is I dont have hours and days on end to just learn, I have to learn as I draw and sometimes barely have time for that.


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On 10/8/2021 at 7:25 AM, KenD said:

My problem is I dont have hours and days on end to just learn, I have to learn as I draw and sometimes barely have time for that.


I think there are a lot of us in the position, where learning takes a back seat. I do hope your issue gets resolved and you can keep moving forward with your drawings.


But I would also suggest that learning doesn't need to be such a grand undertaking and huge time commitment. Decide on one thing to learn/resolve, and try it, it a new file that won't affect your real work. From what I gather in your post, you're using an antiquated process of designer layer scales and loci to create your printable sheets. If you haven't tried any new method of doing this since V8.5 you might be surprised how easy and enjoyable this process can be using a more up-to-date methodology. If fact, you might find that the small commitment in time to learn that new process saves you a lot of time on every drawing you do moving forward.

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Since no one else has said it. Take the time to rebuild your template!


While it should not be the case, we have seen many cases over the years where upgrading a template file, especially repeatedly, especially across all the changes in the underpinning of both VW and Windows since VW8.5 have caused some corruption to enter the file that causes all sorts of issues.


Yes, it is a pain to have to rebuild the template, but the hour you spend doing that will probably save you way more aggravation and time over the next year.

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