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Section Viewport Keeps Shifting

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I've added a section cut symbol on my floor plan to generate a section drawing. On that drawing I added details such as blocking, dimensions, etc. I had to move the section cut symbol around on the floor plan. Went back to my section viewport and the generated section shifted out from under all of my additional details. How do you prevent this from happening? Should I not be using the same section symbol for notation that I use to control where the section is cut?

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if you view a model from the north and then from the south you will notice the elevation view will move along the x axis left or right in the elevation view.


this is because of the relationship the model has to the z axis.


change the direction of the section line and the section view will move. Keep the section line looking in the same direction and it shouldn’t.

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When you create a vp from a section-elevation line the section line defines the viewport. If you move the section line then the view in the vp changes. This is really useful if you want to change where you want the section cut to be. i.e. when the section line is moved perpendicular to itself. Doing it this way also makes it easy to add more section lines to other design layers or to viewports.


Downside is that if you want to change where the section marker is along it's length then often times this will also change the viewport, offsetting it to your vp annotations. With a quick test I've found that moving the start marker location doesn't change the vp but moving the end marker does.


Another way is, once you have created your section vp, go back and delete the section line. Then draw another one where you want it to be and simply link the section line to the section vp. This is done via the oip.




The section line markers will display the drawing number / sheet number etc as usual but it is only linked to the vp. You can move the section line however you want and it won't effect the vp.


This is really useful however you do lose that extra functionality that comes with a section line that defines the vp rather than just linked to it.



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I actually have a special viewports on their own layer which I call my "section control viewports". This is where all the linked section lines live for all of my important sections in the file. If I want to tweak the section cut position, I go and do it here.


Then the section lines on the actual drawings are often unlinked (just dumb objects in annotation space). I can fiddle with them a bit to aid drawing clarity, without worrying that things will change in my section viewports.


This is not really how we are supposed to use them...but it tends to work for me. It's kind of a system that I settled on several releases ago though, and some functionality has changed since then so at some point I might review it and adopt a new strategy.

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