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MacBook M1 chi


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@J. Wallace I'm not sure if any of it is useful to you but I have put a post on this thread after doing a little bit of testing with TM this afternoon.





My M1 mini appears to be happy to have VW and TM open at the same time.


I'm a little confused about the status of Twinmotion as regards M1 macs (and Monterey, which I think would be relevant to you if you are considering an M1 max or pro) because their "system requirements" page seems to discourage using either, but I'm not sure if that just applies to their latest "preview" release or Twinmotion generally.

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@line-weight thanks for tagging me on this post. Great to here that your Mac mini is having a better time with VW and TM. I also noted the system requirements page and the fact that the M1 Pro or max chip is not supported (as well as Monterey).

I have spent quite a bit of time looking on the web for info and find that it's a bit confusing especially when I see video like this. It seems like TW motion is running fine with a new M1 Pro unit.


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Yeah, it is a bit confusing. Note that they also don't recommend M1 - not just M1max/pro.


My impression is that it mainly works fine but Twinmotion must know that there are a few problems and therefore are not confident to recommend it. I don't know if it's the same with Monterey.


Also note that in that Johnathan Reeves video, he seems to be using twinmotion 2021.1.4 which is not the most recent "2022.1 preview" version. It's unclear whether TM's system requirements apply to 2022.1, or to earlier versions as well.

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On 12/2/2021 at 8:19 AM, JuanP said:

We are in the process of updating that particular article - stay tuned!

@JuanP I saw that you updated the Monterey compatibility article.  Are you also going to update the What Hardware Does What article?  There are other threads on the forum with discussions on this issue, as hardware purchase issues can be difficult, long term, and expensive (e.g. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/88357-macbook-m1-chi/), so any real world recommendations from VW would be appreciated.  


I came across a YouTube video with similar info for photo & video editors.  Providing something like this for VW users, with a breakdown by use cases (e.g. typical file size, amount of rendering, etc) would be especially useful during this changing period in Mac hardware.  Thanks.



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11 hours ago, E|FA said:

Any chance of this happening?  

I mentioned in another thread that we will be working on upgrading or replacing that article. However, I would like to start by sharing some information especially related to the new M1 architecture:


GPU operations:

  • Flyover, Zooming, and Panning
  • Feedback graphics( snapping, highlighting, etc.)
  • Shaded rendering
  • Rendering plug-ins such as Redshift / TwinMotion / Lumion/ Enscape
  • Vision – 2022SP2 runs natively on M1's 

CPU operations

  • Renderworks
  • Hidden line
  • Plan drawing
  • 3D modeling (mix CPU/GPU)
  • Viewports (Mix CPU/GPU depending on type of rendering)

Based on the information above, you can start identifying the type of hardware you may need based on your workflows. I will say that I will recommend at a minimum of 16GB of unified memory with any of the M1 Pro or Max. 
For Vision users, I recommend 24 core-GPU at a minimum with 32GB of Unified memory. 


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