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Connecting nodes disabled?

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I've had a sudden moment in 2022 where nodes will simply stop connecting.  I cannot make the wire connection pull from the circles.  If I click a node it just moves the x, y coordinates instead. When this happens I can copy and paste into a new file and they work again, I can close a wrapper and reopen it and they start working again.  But I have to do something to reset the nodes or else they stop working.  I have had it happen in 3 files and cannot see any correlation to the tools I'm using, layer or class based causes.  Trying to figure out if there is something I'm doing to cause this. 


Second, roughly once a day I have a moment where trying to move a connection from between 2 nodes will cause the spinning pinwheel of doom to go off for longer than I'm willing to wait, usually 5+ minutes before I give up, close and pull an autosave up to restore most of my work but I have to redo a little bit each time and I find that quite frustrating.  Are there methods of stopping the pinwheel of doom or workflows that stop this from happening? 


Thanks for any and all thoughts.

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Yes I am.  I have been working in 2021 without issue for a while now.  Only since the changeover to 2022 have I started having the first issue.


I've always had random crashes from moving nodes to new locations, even on small files which was why I figured I'd ask if there are things people know about that I may be inadvertently doing.

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