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VW2022 screen 'subliminally flashing' with any navigation.


This file is next to impossible to work on as it 'Flashes" a screen image (like a subliminal image flash from back in the day!) as I'm panning, zooming or rotating with flyover.


Best understood by watching videos.


The image flashing is a bitmap on a Class and Layer (Z-GIS-Sat and Z-Site-data) that are turned off in the OIP during the videos.

I should add that even if Z-GIS-Sat and Z-Site-data are the only visible layer/classes the same image flashing occurs.


Here is the bitmap and class/layer setup:




Now here is the fly over tool - note both both Z-GIS-Sat and Z-Site-data are turn off in this video:




And here is a video of panning in Top/Plan:


Note that the flashed image stays at exactly the same zoom and x/y coordinates. i.e. it isn't moving with the pan, zoom, or rotate.

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Same here with Underlay Image.


Or constant reloading of things like Shadows, .... for now reason in general.

Also constant changing detail resolution, reloading occluded objects, ... in

later VW 21-22 versions are too noisy for me.


I would like to start that new GPU feature behavior only when clearly at the

limit of what the card can hold. As long as it uses sub 80% of VRAM or

sub 50% of GPU performance it should just keep it in memory and keep


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Posted (edited)

OK I deleted that class and that bitmap image.

Now the flashing is of the next class up from the bottom. Same thing as before.

Flashing a zoomed in top/plan  (or screen plane?) view of the bitmap map image I have in my site data layer.


I also seem to see a gray button saying "top/plan v-site" in the upper right corner for a micro-second with each flash.


Here is a screen grab from a screen recording. only last for one frame:



This has to be a bug, doesn't it?


Should I upload/send this file in to see if others get the same issue?


I should mention that I have this same file open on 2021 and have none of these issues...





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8 hours ago, hollister design Studio said:

what is this?

Haven't had the time to watch all the videos or read all the change notes yet.



I think this game engine like behavior came in VW 2020 or 2021.

The newer VGM features are that OpenGL will use an adaptive resolution,

basically like rounded objects in foreground will use high quality while objects

far away will use less quality with lower resolution.

And when you rotate your view they will switch back to a lower or higher

resolution again.

Also occluded objects will be deleted from view and reloaded when in sight again.

And now with "Shaded", when I navigate the View, I see that also Shadows

and other stuff disappears while in translation and gets rebuild when navigation


This makes my View very noisy and irritating when navigating.


The reason is obvious.

You can navigate the new 3D View now with larger Files, at higher frame rates.

Which is basically a good thing.


But usually my kind of projects and available hardware does seldom load the

GPU nor VRAM. But I get that noise nevertheless.

So I would prefer that those new functions only come into play at a certain

GPU load or frame rate drop.

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@Dave Donley I went to document preferences.

Under the legacy 2D tab "enable legacy 2D features ' was unchecked, but the check box for "turn off unified view" was unchecked.


I checked "enable legacy" and checked "turn off unified view" but the behavior wasn't affected.

The overall experience was horrible, stuttering and freezing - so I unchecked "enable legacy" and things are back where they were... bad, but not impossible.




I also tried to copy all the geometry and past it into a fresh new 2022 file.

This did not fix the issue - the flashing to "top/plan Z-site" continued.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks @bjoerka


I tested it on two computers:

  • Workstation - older computer - win 10 / i7-6700K / 32gb memory / AMD Radeon Pro graphics card
  • Surface Book - win 11 / I7-1065G7 / 32GB / Nvidia Quadro


Flashing on both


- and to be clear - the exact same file - pre file conversion - exhibits none of this in VW2021

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

if you close the zero height floating multiview pane window that pops up when the file opens, are you still able to see the flicker while panning?


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Posted (edited)



We have a WINNER!


Turning this off fixes all of it.

Thank you so much! I was about to go crazy with this.



FYI to any VW employees looking at this:

I just checked the original file on VW2021 sp4.1 and it ALSO has the random floating multiplane window - but it does not  negatively effect the navigation in the same way.

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So does the problem arise whenever you have a floating pane open?


Because my feeling is that in VW2021 (and maybe 2022 as well, haven't really tested it yet), having a floating pane open can cause various problems with jittery motion, odd snap behaviour and so on. To the extent that I've kind of stopped using floating view panes.

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