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Handle to symboltogroup.


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I'm trying to do a 3D rotation (Set3DRot or SetRot3D) on a group that was created by using SymbolToGroup(h,2);


I can't figure out a way to get the handle to that group.  


LNewObj doesn't do it.


I've tried BeginGroupN(hGroup); and running the SymbolToGroup inside that group so I could get a handle, but that doesn't work.


Tried a Waldo.  No luck.


Any thoughts?

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Nope.  looking at Debugger.  groupHandle never gets assigned.



                        : HANDLE;

Symbol('Test Symbol',0,0,0);

h := LNewObj;



groupHandle := NextObj(h);




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It works in my code as does this:


                Symbol(GetSymName(hSym), x1, y1, GetSymRot(hSym));
                SymbolToGroup(LNewObj, 2);
            hGroup := LNewObj;


But does SetRot3D() support groups? 

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I've been trying both SetRot3D and Set3DRot (because I can't remember which is which and it feels faster to try both than look it up and retain it :-).


Procedure Set3DRot rotates the referenced 3D object about a specified 3D point. It works with the following 3D objects: extrude, multiple extrude, sweep, mesh, 3D polygon, solid, CSG solid, group, symbol, plug-in object, NURBS curve, NURBS surface.

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Explode = SymbolToGroup() = STG. If it will be a PIO and you want to rotate a symbol in the Z axis, then it must not be hybrid. You will need to investigate a way to restore the view after you switch it to 3D for the STG. Alternatively if the symbols don't contain groups or nested symbols, then you could get a handle to the symbol definition, enter the definition, loop through and duplicate 3D objects then use SetParent() to move them to the PIO, all within BeginGroup/EndGroup, then rotate the group.

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   Why not place your symbol, rotate it in 3D (or set its 3D angles), THEN convert it to a group? If it is a Hybrid Symbol, you will be limited to Z-axis rotations only. If it is a Hybrid Symbol and you want XY-axis rotations, duplicate the symbol definition, remove all 2D parts, then place the new symbol, rotate, and "explode". Delete the duplicate if desired.



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