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nvidia profiles for VW2021

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Are there any optimized profiles for the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 that we should be using for VW2021?

Can these settings cause flickering?


In the past 8 weeks or so I've noticed that the primary screen that I run VW on has been unpredictably flashing the VW application content, the secondary screen with identical hardware doesn't usually flash, but the whole system did go down during one of these events. I also get unusual response from clicking in the object info palette. Kind of like a delay until moving the mouse. This has also caused the program to crash if I try to move on too quickly to another click event. Is there a possibility of the Razer mouse driver and VW being in conflict, or the video card hardware about to die?

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I have seen this program window flashing with 2021 and 2022 versions with Nvidia RTX2070 on latest drivers Version:472.12 Release Date:2021.9.20. Driver package Studio Drivers. I think time frame is kind of same that you have. Could this be around release date of VW2021 SP4.1? I have not experienced crashes related to this, just flashing usually when program is on background idling.


I also have some other display(?) related issues on 2022. If you have open file on workspace and you adjust OIP or Tools panes size or try to change workspace profile I get immediate crash. If there is not any files open then everything is fine, you can adjust panel sizes and change workspace.


I have filed a ticket but unfortunately problem is not repeatable on Vectorworks side. And I know this has something to do with my hardware because situation is not repeatable either on my laptop. Just something to inform you all if you have same kind of  issue.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @aheininen We know about certain utility apps on Windows that can cause windowing operations in Vectorworks 2022 to crash.  These apps modify DirectX 11 behavior.  We are currently writing a tech note about it.  For now, see this thread for how to disable items from startup to find the problem app: 



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Thanks Dave pointing me to right direction. I have to find time to do a bit of housekeeping then. As a workaround I just modify workspace when no files are open. Seem to work that way just fine. That´s why I wrote this down in here.


Should we add this possible workaround to that other thread as well?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@aheininen There are other operations that will cause the crash, that are pretty common like tearing off palettes or any window or multiview pane resizing.  We are working on alerting the users when we detect this situation so that finding and resolving it is not such guessing game.  Thanks for sharing your experience and info!



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