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RW Cameras: hide outside of frame (aka blue crop corners don't cut it)

Andy Broomell


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I had forgotten about those little corner crop marks! I almost exclusively use the "Fine Tune Camera View" button when working with Renderworks Cameras but they don't get activated with that command. I pretty much guess at my framing through trial and error.


It would be great to have one single awesome camera tool that worked like the C4D camera system.




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Basically it is great that VW shows the current Aspect Ratio of the current Camera.

Like other Apps do.

Just not in any arbitrary size in your drawing view. At least I have not found any way

to control this. I usually deactivate crops as soon as I notice them. But there are

situations when they come back arbitrarily again though.


I prefer the standard way to use the max screen size while dimming the extends

that don't fit the actual aspect ration.

I welcome a bit of save frame around it to estimate if camera changes potentially

bring unwanted objects occluding the scene - but don't want to ask for too much.


And of course a comfortable way to just save that rendered DL Camera View as a

Raster File in a comfortable manner, like god given anywhere else but VW App.


And a Camera Object may be welcome to be linked to a VP.

But without losing the control of the Camera in DL.

Instead just update the SLVP according to DL Camera changes.


And make Cameras (positions) reliable, not sooner or later collecting all 

Camera positions at VW's origin, after just touching or look too much at them.


Currently the first thing I do after first C4D export

(Not true, I do not even use VW Cameras again since VW 2016 when they started

their own life) is to deactivate VW Cameras for any further Exchange.


And please finally export Materials (RW Textures) for DWG exports,

at least the assignments and "by Layer" Settings, that would already help so much.



Overall VW is one of the better CADs suited for Visualization Purposes in general.

But it is again the lack of details over years, that makes less Viz feature optimized

alternative Apps s getting more interesting.

Especially when the target Exchange Viz Apps are changing and improving.

(From C4D to Modo to Realtime, ....)

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Basically I could do my whole Project's preliminary design phase from

within VW. And all design changes.

With "Shaded" Screenshots, some Shaded rendered VPs and Elevations,

while keeping Exchange to C4D or TM for intermediate Presentations.


But in practice it is just manual Screen Shooting in VW and automatic

Render Takes Setup in C4D with all Exchange risks.

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28 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

One of there advantages to using VWX is keeping the process in one place. I would prefer improvements to Renderworks than improvements to exports.



I think that is valid for the large majority of VW users.



For me with the main focus on Visualization, staying in VW would be

not very comfortable. Not so about Render quality but about the


I would lose time and miss the workflows.

Just basic things like saving image files, setting cameras, batch rendering

material settings and all such things.

Basically, like most others would do, I should not care so much about BIM

and just stay in Modo, C4D or Blender and do all my process in there.



But I would not totally count on Renderworks.

C4Ds (physical) CPU Renderer is nearly deprecated, there are no further

Features or improvement to expect. It is all about Redshift now.

On the other hand everything is about realtime rendering now.

And Lumion, Enscape, Twinmotion/UE are mostly, somehow, external too.


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25 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

And one camera tool only please with all the features......


yes please. I still find the video camera buggy at  best. Fine Tuning the RW Camera is smooth and interactive, the VC is neither.s The VC also needs more content. While I know we can make that content, I'd also like the methodology readily apparent.

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