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OpenGL or HiddenLine



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I'm curious about this too. One thing in particular I don't understand... if I am looking at my model in 3d perspective view (which usually means I'm using OpenGL) and then ask to see it in hidden line... some time passes while it works it out, and then the scene appears in hidden line. But then I am able to fly all around my model (including parts not visible in that initial view) with it rendered (apparently) in hidden line, and this all happens in realtime. I can look at any part of the model in detail, all in what looks like a hidden line render. But as soon as I stop flying around, VW asks me if I want to rerender the scene - and if I say yes, it stops, thinks for a while and then shows me what I was looking at a few seconds earlier and seemingly rendered in realtime.

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1 hour ago, doberman69 said:

Why does it take soooooooo much longer to render Hidden Line as opposed to OPENGL



Depends on which VW version you are.

(Still VW 2019 like in signature ?)


Yes, in VW up to 2021 Hidden Line in View Window and (SL)VP is slow.

1. HL creates a vector based view that you can convert back into a 2D Line Drawing !

(Whoever needs that option regularly)

2. HL works on CPU and mostly single-threaded


OpenGL works in the GPU which is optimized for such purposes.



But wasn't it already VW 2019 or VW 2020, which brought the ability to edit a Viewport

to directly edit the 3D geometry from inside the Viewport ?

This Feature introduced a new realtime Hidden Line mode. Very fast and GPU based,

but of course no real 2S Lines calculated.

So there were lots of voices for having that new HL for our drawing window rendering.

And we got that new HL with VW 2022.

It is great as it will be precalculated like OpenGL (now "Shaded") and cached,

so you can navigate in your new HL View Window.


But as I see in VW 2022, unfortunately, for Updating DLVP's, Hidden Line mode is still

the old slow and RAM eating HL version.

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1 minute ago, zoomer said:



Depends on which VW version you are.

(Still VW 2019 like in signature ?)


But as I see in VW 2022, unfortunately, for Updating DLVP's, Hidden Line mode is still

the old slow and RAM eating HL version.

@zoomerCool info, thanks  - & the big takeaway for me is that in order to make a HL which is explodable, now only in DL, correct?

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1 hour ago, mjm said:

to make a HL which is explodable


This should still work for your SLVPs.


Have not tried, but don't think that VPs HL mode on DL would behave

any different.

(And in fact I always new that you somehow could explode HL Drawings in VW,

but never even did or know how to do so)



I personally would love the new GPU raster based HL mode as a fast VP Render Option.

Basically I expected to have that, when I saw new HL Mode in drawing window.


But if some people still use and rely on exploding HLs,

we would need both, new and old HL modes beside each other.

And better also 2 separate names, to avoid the confusion, which I had so far.


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Well, I understand your frustration.

I still don't Know your VW Version or Hardware setup nor what your file might look like..

I explained why (old) HL is so slow in general.


So there are Maybe still some things to improve.

I am not 100% sure if using Symbols for repetitive geometry would help at all,

like it would for OpenGL, likely for new 2022 "Shaded" openGL replacement

or any kind of C4D or real time exports, but at least it would help VW in general.


I am not really sure how well old HL can deal with crappy mesh geometry from

many files from VW Libraries offered resources. But it will help in general to have

clean Solids geometry.


If the geometry is that complex, like tons of Trusses for Spotlight users and

complex Light or furniture Symbols that may be mandatory to show.

Maybe it is better to use OpenGL with Edge Display activated but increase

the SL DPI setting to get similar crisp HLs as old HL would deliver.

Or upgrade VW or Hardware to faster single core CPU performance and

such things.

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