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Class of styled PIO is incorrect and can't be changed

Stefan Bender

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Dear developers,


I have a PIO instance that has object style A. The symbol definition A as well as the style PIO (first member object of symbol A) are in class B. The object style's class is by style (gSDK->SetClassByStyle(obj, true)), but the PIO instance does not have class B but class "None" and the class pull-down menu in the OIP is dimmed.


Even worse: I can't even assign the correct class to the PIO instance as ISDK->SetObjectClass(B) blocks the assignment. In function SetObjectClassWithOptionalNotification it is checked if the class is by style and if it is, the function quits so I'm stuck.


So this looks like an obvious bug in VW to me. Or is there a workaround or proposed workflow for changing the class of a styled PIO instance?


Btw, I can't find a function that gets or sets the class of an object style. Which class is relevant, the class of the symbol definition of the class of its PIO subobject?





Stefan Bender



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