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Objects or symbol in space

the frog

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My goal is to count symbols or objects in a specific space and automatically show them in a label.

I started remembering the webinar where you put points in a poly.

First easy step, I want to make a network where a symbol is or not in a poly (easier I think than try with space)

So, I draw an object and name it AA. I convert into a Symbol named AA-1

I draw a poly and name it.


Built a network beginning by giving a name (bottom of the OIP) to a symbol and get the symbol location, get x,y convert into a point and use the intopoly node with the poly name.  This works if I give a name to the symbol like BB-1 and I have the true or false value. This is of no help because if I have to rename each object it’s useless. So I tried to use the symbol name AA-1, but this returns nothing. If I use the object name it’s the same.

I know there must be a way because you can count symbols in the sheets, but not in a specific space and show it in a label.

Any idea?


In the attached file the original webinar, the network that works with the object and a strange network (with the move node) that changes the place of the rectangle without changing  its selection place. In this case I am using the name of the object in the symbol!

into poly v2021.vwx

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In normal worksheets (without Marionette) are functions and filters to get roomname or number of the placed symbols and also function and filters to get the Symbolname. 


For Marionette:

into poly MG.vwx

in this file i create you the Node "Get Symbol Name" and an example to filter "is in or on Poly"...

If you want convert "Space" to "Poly" to check "is in or on Poly/Space", here is another good node.





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