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Can I reference OIP data in a Record Format field?

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Hi all,


I am trying to improve my workflow with my line sets and I am wondering if it is possible to connect OIP data like Position Name and Z value to a custom made Record Format. Basically I am trying to eventually improve my line set schedule work flow, and I thought Record Formats might be the key, but I don't want to have to update the data in the OIP and a separate Record Format. Since a lot of the Record Format data should match what's in the OIP I was hoping there might be some way to reference it similar to referencing another cell in Excel. Or am I going down the completely wrong rabbit hole? Thanks for any help in advance!

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Maybe data tags are what I want then, I haven't used them before. An example of the ideal functionality for me is I am making a line set schedule and I want that to have the trim height of the batten which in my drawing is the Z coordinate of the pipe symbol. In this example I want the record to reference the Z coordinate so that if I change the Z coordinate of the pipe it updates the line set schedule.

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If you just want your schedule to show the z height of your symbol then just have a data base column header in your worksheet with =ZCoordinate in it. This will call up the z value of the insertion point of your symbols. You don't need to create a record for that.


You would use a data tag if you wanted to show the z value of your symbols on your drawing in the form of a tag rather than in a schedule. 

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AutoPlot has a simpler, less powerful, lineset tool that would probably work for you, but the real question is: what is the workflow you would like to achieve when you work with linesets.  I'm a collector of VW live entertainment workflows, and I would very much like hear about yours and how you want to improve it.



Samuel L. Jones
Developer of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight, and AP Cable Tools
E-mail: sjones@autoplotvw.com
(310) 993-4172 (cell)

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