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Data tag text field bidirectional with worksheet

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Do we have possibility to have bidirectional workflow when using data tags with worksheets? I want to edit data tag text field from within worksheet and 

I thought that we can do it using DATATAGFIELD('fieldname')...but content of the text field is locked in worksheet...

Is there maybe other option to achieve this?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Unfortunately, I do not think that this is currently possible. The data tag cannot read data from worksheets, even though it can use worksheet functions.


Maybe you can do this directly with worksheets only, if you create a database worksheet with Trusses in it and make your changes from there?

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It is very difficult to bring data in from an outside source and apply it to objects that already exist in a VW drawing. Unless there is already some sort of data field you can use to link the data, you are almost required to do the connection manually.


But using worksheets should get you the ability to enter something like the truss number relatively easily. 


Create a worksheet containing all the Truss. Include a column for the Truss Number including a formula in the database header to show there record.field combination for the Truss Number. Anything you enter in that column should automatically be stored in the field and from then on travel with that piece of truss.


If you can somehow sort the truss in the database to match a sort in your external data (Maybe length or X/Y position) then you might be able to copy/paste the data from the external worksheet into the VW worksheet so you don't have to enter each one manually.



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Pat points out the problem.  How would VW know which number from the Excel sheet goes to which Truss object or Hanging Position?  If you make a database worksheet of the objects typing in the numbers should go pretty fast, but you have a similer problem.  How do you know which number goes with which row?

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Sam is correct the knowing is difficult. 😉


If you can tell from another field(s) then you can just type it in.


You can right click on the subrow to select that object in the drawing and then type the correct number into the worksheet.


Or you can set the OIP to the correct pane for where you want to enter the data and work through the drawing clicking on the truss you want to number and then enter the number into the OIP.  If the field is linked to the worksheet the next time you update the worksheet all the data should be there.

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