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Pad w/ Retaining edge edits

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If editing a pad retaining edge z value, how does one select a facet/side of the retaining edge polygon?

OIP Move option is set to Retaining Modifier Edge.  Or maybe this is not intent? Or this is a bug that facets cannot be selected or moved ?


vwx Help seems to indicate it's possible:

Move  (Pad with retaining edge only)

Select the portion of the retaining edge modifier to edit (vertex or edge), and then edit its Z value, or scroll through its vertices with the left and right arrows and change the selected vertex Z value.


Several issues if the OIP Move option is Retaining Modifier Edge

  • If the Retaining Edge poly is non planar (vertex z values vary), change to OIP z value flattens the poly so that all vertices have same, new z
  • Click Edit arrows - the entire poly highlights (well, maybe not one facet), the various vertices highlight, but not individual edges/sides between the vertices.
  • If the Reshape tool is activated, any vertex can be z adjusted by dragging (might need to disable snaps), but facets cannot be selected and moved. eg, marquee select is not available.


Workaround is to move individual vertices.




Edit retaining Edge.jpg

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