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Gutters, Cornices, Wall Corbelling etc

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I need an easier way to create Gutters, Cornices, Brick Corbelling and other finishing touches to a 3D model. I am using Extrude along paths at the moment with a simple polyline shape but that becomes very difficicult (time consuming) to edit when the building needs to be changed. Is there any way to constrain these items to the walls or roof ? When an extrude along path is created, the path object needs to be edited separately as a nurbs curve. These are alot harder to edit than a simple 2D polyline path. The roof path can be modified without making the other objects invisible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Bruce,

I have a tool that might work for you. It was written specifically for parapet walls but you can use it for brick coping and canales (scuppers). It is a fancy extrude along path tool with a lot more control that the VW version. Contact me off list if your interested...



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