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Can I connect multiple years of VW to the same data library folders or is it better practice to keep them separate?

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2022 is the first year I'm migrating upward.

So far it's been a bit nerve racking - but I think I've gotten things settled down a bit.


I used the migration manager to copy all my plant files to a VW2022 specific folder (I named it "Vectorworks Data 2022/Libraries" - I'm very creative!).

I keep all my data on a separate D:/ hard drive from my operating system - so it's not on C:/ where VW put it on install.


But a question came up today as I edited one of my plant objects.

I saved the changes to my personal plant library files in my 'Vectorworks Data/Library' folder.

...now I have an outdated Prunus laurocerasus 'NANA' file in my 2022 folder.


I will probably have brought all my projects over to 2022 in a month or so:

Should I just keep good 'change notes' and keep everything separate?

Or should I move my plant libraries to a discrete folder and point all instances of VW at that folder.

And can I even do that?


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