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Window Plan Wall Offset in 2022

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Or select a Window, hover over selected and do a right mouse click.

The option menu will show the typical Edit, Edit Style, .... and new,  'Plug-in Object Options'


This will now contain the Window Offset.

If you set it in  'Plug-in Object Options' it will be saved for all following

insertions of that Window style.


If you change it for already inserted Windows in OIP only,

it should only overwrite the selected Window(s).

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The offset for windows and doors has now been moved out of window and door settings and into the main OIP.


See screenshot below.


I think I see why VW has done this, but they have missed a trick.


The 'Insertion relative to' tab should be relative to components and not just to 'jamb'


Eg. Insertion Relative to "outside face of jamb" attached to 'Inside face of external leaf". This would allow all windows (and doors) to be set out to the correct detailing position irrespective of wall thicknesses etc.




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I'm trying to work this out as well. Similar to the new Wall Component wrapping, it looks like there are multiple settings in different locations that control the window insertion behavior. Here's what I figured out. You need to set the defaults in the Window Style at two different setting panes that you get to by right-clicking on the Window Style in the Resource Manager.  Screen shots are attached below.  Once these settings are in place, anything that is set "by instance" can be controlled in the OIP.  I think this is the intended workflow, but if I got this wrong or there's a better way of doing this, please let me know: 








It would be really helpful to be able to see & set both settings (what part of the window & where in the wall) in a single interface.  I'm guessing there's underlying logic for separating these setting panes that I don't get.  My suggestion for some improvements are in the attached screenshot.  The same questions apply to other PIO Styles and Wall Component Wrapping settings:








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