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Free Twinmotion for VW users!

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I got a license for 2020.x just because downloading and trying 2019.x Beta.

Would have gotten another License for being a Bricscad user.


But can't remember if there was a code at all.

If there is a code for Service Select Users, I would try that.

Could be that Epic will offer you a free license after these 6 months.

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56 minutes ago, bjoerka said:

i got a code inside the serviceselect portal. but that is worth for 6 month... not perpetual

Quoted from THIS Twinmotion page, which makes clear that it is a perpetual license, but it needs to be redeemed by March 31, 2022:


Between September 15, 2021 and March 31, 2022, if you own a copy of Vectorworks, you're entitled to get a perpetual license of Twinmotion, and free upgrades until the end of March 2023.
Don't delay—you must redeem your code by March 31, 2022!

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I managed to get this - but had to contact my local VW agent  to re-issue an activation email for my VSS account (or something?) when it didn't work to start with.

The Twinmotion licence then seems to exist somehow, even if there is no direct record of it when I look at my Epic Games (ie twinmotion) account which until recently I was just using to run a trial version of TM.


Seeing as there seem to be various aspects of the VW<>TM export process that are still not working properly, it seems a little academic for the time being anyway.

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26 minutes ago, Tom Klaber said:

The direct link button in Twinmotion does not work on Windows- anybody else having this.  Looking to test - but can not even get past the first step.


Have you made sure you've exported the direct link properly from VW by pressing on the eye icon? This got me stuck for a while too.

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