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How to check Angle (direction) of Dimension


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Dimension Direction.vwx

I am able to check if a Dimension is vertical or horizontal with 

direction = vs.GetObjectVariableReal(dim,value)

On my mac version, it returns 0 for horizontal and 1.0 or -1.0 for vertical Dimensions. Unfortunately this seems not to work on Windows. There is always 0.0.
I could test if xDiff is bigger than yDiff (of the Dimension Points) an decide it is horizontal but this can result in errors with some dimensions.

Anyone has an Idea to get that information reliable?


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Hi Dom,


Try this:

Procedure T;
    h1 : HANDLE;
    b1, b2, b3 : BOOLEAN;
    i1 : INTEGER;
    r1, rAngle : REAL;
    h1 := FIn3D(FSActLayer);
        IF (GetType(h1) = 2) THEN BEGIN 
            GetMarker(h1, b2, b3, i1, r1);
            IF b2 | b3 THEN BEGIN
                b1 := True;
                rAngle := HAngle(h1);
        h1 := NextObj(h1);
    UNTIL (h1 = Nil) | b1; 
    Message('Angle is: ', rAngle);

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Even better as a function:


Function GetDimAngle(h1 : HANDLE) : REAL;
    h2 : HANDLE;
    i1 : INTEGER;
    r1 : REAL;
    b1, b2, b3 : BOOLEAN;
    h2 := FIn3D(h1);
        IF (GetType(h2) = 2) THEN BEGIN 
            GetMarker(h2, b2, b3, i1, r1);
            IF b2 | b3 THEN BEGIN
                b1 := True;
                GetDimAngle := HAngle(h2);
        h2 := NextObj(h2);
    UNTIL (h2 = Nil) | b1;

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Fantastic Julian this is a very reliable solution, Thank you. I implemented this way:

dim = vs.FSActLayer()

def GetDimAngle(h1):
    h2 = vs.FIn3D(h1)
    DimAngle = 0
    while h2 != vs.Handle(0):
        if vs.GetTypeN(h2) == 2:
            BOOLEAN, style, angle, size, width, thicknessBasis, thickness, visibility = vs.GetObjBeginningMarker(h2)
            if style:
                DimAngle =  round(vs.HAngle(h2),0)
        h2 = vs.NextObj(h2)
    return DimAngle 

DimAngle = GetDimAngle(dim)


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