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Site modifiers from an xref model


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Hi, I have a subdivision 4 lots and as file is getting large i created a desperate file for House 1 which includes the site modifiers.

The main file still has the site model and site modifiers.

I want to work on House 1 including the site modifiers and then go to the main file and the xref comes in ok with the site modifiers and without the site model. The xref is on the same design layer as the other site modifiers and main file site model.

The site model does not update from the xref. 

is there a way to make them change the site model in the main file???

Thanks in advance.


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@AlanW thanks for reporting this.

I horsed around with similar situation in v2021.  Did not try yet in v2022.  I think same issues as you found.  In my tests I had 2 files. One is the Arch file containing two "buildings" (extrudes), each with a pad underneath. The other file contains only a terrain, so a very simple test. I made a DLVP in the Terrain file to ref in the Arch file.  To my great amazement, the pads in DVLP correctly modified the terrain.  If the Arch file is modified, eg move the elements & associated pads, the Terrain updates (OK, do the dance: Save the Arch file, update the reference in Terrain file, then update the DTM). To my disappointment, if the DLVP is moved, the "buildings" display in new location, but the terrain retains the cuts from the pads as if they are in the earlier locations. No sequence of Save, Update changes this.


A workaround is to replace the pads in the Arch file with polygons, paste them onto the DLVP layer, convert them to Pads, and make a Group of the pads and DLVP.  Not Ideal, as any changes to the Arch file probably require new Pads (Copy/Paste, convert to Pads) in the DLVP group.  Might be better to just skip the polys in the Arch file and draw site mods directly on the DLVP layer.


Too bad this doesn't work correctly from the Arch file ref.  I'm guessing this is more of a happy accident that it sort of works, rather than a bug in some intended workflow.  But, probably worth bug submit.


It's worth noting that a Symbol or Group containing a site mod (in the same file, not referenced) works perfectly.  Move/rotate the symbol and the terrain updates as expected.  Maybe there is a workaround with a shared symbol resource?  I didn't try.



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