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VWX 2022


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Well, I'm impressed (as usual) with the reportage from this community on what issues they've been finding — helps me understand where 2022 can be useful NOW in production and where not.


Having said that, may I also confess that I'm enjoying 2022 more — way more than 2021 v1, let me tellya. 

2022 feels snappier in most regards as I work and hand to deity or not as you see fit, but it crashes less than 2021 SP1>4!

Been awhile since I've had that New Cad feeling for realz & I'm enjoying. Thanks Nemetschek team.


Couple caveats: Vanilla install, no non-vwx plugins installed. Files I'm generating are from-scratch inside 2022, but liberally importing resources, etc & pasting from other docs so far without problem to date, knock on wood.

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30 minutes ago, michaelk said:

Also stable with old files from previous versions and running janky self written plug-ins 🙂 


My experience since VW 2021 was that SP 0-1 was more stable and issues free than any

SP's that became behind 🙂



For me personally, VW 2022,

of all the 8 Upgrades i could experience, VW 2022 is by far the most impressing.

Kind of OSX Snow Leopard release, officially "no" new features but just cleaning things up

and optimizing.

(Regarding that all even number VW upgrades were quite boring, opposed to uneven numbers)


I would have been fine with only an Apple ARM native and optimized VW App.

Which seems to worked very well.

(At the same time going DircetX for Windows was a nice effective bonus)

Or just that Screen Plane is finally dead (sort of)

I just can't profit from it for now as my current Project was already infected by 2D Legacy

Virus again and already contains some Screen Plane Trojans.

But Screen Plane deprecation by itself would be also enough to justify the Upgrade.

Or just that Walls (and Windows/Curtain Wall/Column) Geometry is now true Solids,

will help my DWG exports immensely.

Can't wait to finally see problematic Slab Geometry upgraded too. Or Stairs ? ..

ahm ... but don't postulate irrealistic to much ....

WinDoor Helps much too.


So I am really happy

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I also am pretty impressed with the stability and snappiness of 2022.. that being said, I’ve had some glitchy behaviors with OpenGL (now “shaded”)’in which materials rendered incorrectly.. also one weird spinning beach ball that I had to eventually force quit to get out of.. it would be nice to have a tool to root out screen plane assets in a file to convert to layer plane..

in files with many symbols etc.. it’s a bit daunting to think about going through and checking everything which probably ends up being hundreds of small items including library items that were created in previous versions of VW

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There are two major (for me) issues that mean I can't use 2022 as it stands.


Firstly this one makes my primary mode of interaction (openGL/shaded view, perspective, draw edges) unusable thanks to wildly flickering artefacts.


Secondly this one means that I lose important visual cues in shaded mode that my workflow relies on. It's been recognised as a bug so hopefully will get fixed.


Then all the other changes that could have been good seem to be compromised:

- redshift is there but appears to offer no advantage over renderworks at all

- twinmotion direct link is nice but bugs in the datasmith import process that have been present since it was introduced, are still not fixed

- wall component wrapping is very welcome, as is Windoor...however, as far as I understand, we can't use them together, so it's not possible to realise the benefits of both.


So I don't feel too positive about VW2022 right now. Maybe future SPs will change things.


Perhaps if it weren't for some of the above problems, I'd have spent a bit more time using VW2022 and enjoyed some of the general improvements mentioned. Perhaps some annoying general bugs have disappeared. However, I've just successfully replicated problems with the push-pull tool that have existed since at least 2017 and have supposedly been logged as bugs. This is one of those general-use bugs that doesn't make VW impossible to use, just frustrating. There are others which I've not tested yet but my guess is that many of them still won't have been fixed.

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7 hours ago, halfcoupler said:

Yes, right,  custom selection is more simple to use than select similar, especially if you don't know at least one object that already matches the criteria.


8 hours ago, halfcoupler said:

 I think this has not changed in VW 22: you can still use the select similar tool with "Plane" as Select Similar Preferance Setting to select all objets with the same (screen-)plane .


@halfcoupler, @Kevin K Both of these methods are helpful, true, but what I was getting at was something a bit different, which would be similar to the "purge" function

and I'm really not sure it could be accomplished given the constraints of how we interact with the library items that are saved within a particular project file, i.e. only being able to show one object at a time with library objects..

What I was lamenting, proposing, whatever, was the idea of being able to automagically go through an entire project and set all of the screen plane items to layer plane..

I'm guessing that whatever the method, this might result in a lot of fiddly work with viewports etc. and as I think about it more, not positive what the benefit would be, except to be able to move forward with a legacy project in "layer plane only" mode. Thoughts?


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